Why Hire Brooke Slocum?

Brooke SlocumNavigating the ever-changing real estate market is tough. Having a trustworthy, knowledgeable, experienced Realtor like Brooke to guide you through the process is invaluable.

Brooke is a passionate people person who’s committed to her clients and hires outstanding professionals to be a part of her team. Every member of Brooke Slocum Properties works hard on your behalf to ensure that you have a positive experience buying or selling your home. Integrity and dedication are the characteristics that set Brooke Slocum Properties apart and help them deliver results.

Last year, Brooke’s team more than doubled its business and over 88% of her business comes from referrals. Brooke is also a proud member of the invitation-only 2017 Agent Leadership Council (ALC), which considers only the top 20% of agents in the market center for membership. Her success comes in part because her entire team prioritizes her clients’ needs and provides expert advice and guidance so every home buying or selling transaction can be a positive, stress-free experience.

How can Brooke Slocum Properties help you?

Extensive Industry Knowledge

Brooke and her team understand the real estate market, top to bottom. “Month to month and year to year, it’s my job to be out in the market, to stay on top of trends, and to pay attention to what’s happening in each area of West Michigan so I can price ahead of that,” Brooke explains.

She’s All About People

Brooke doesn’t just want to know your name and employment history. She cares about your life story, your hopes, and your dreams. Her client relationships are important to her and both past and present clients love to attend her highly-anticipated, fun-filled quarterly client appreciation parties. She also offers every homebuyer a catered housewarming party. “I treat my clients the way I would want to be treated,” she says. “I joke that if I’m not invited to Christmas dinner, I didn’t do a good enough job!”

Communication is Key

Part of Brooke Slocum Properties’ commitment to exceptional customer service is staying in close contact with clients and making sure they understand all of the steps involved with buying or selling a home. Brooke also talks with lenders and inspectors on a regular basis and keeps clients apprised so you’ll always know where you are in the process. “My clients are never left in the dark,” says Brooke.

Excellent Marketing & Negotiation Skills

In addition to providing each client with a thorough, honest assessment of their home’s value, Brooke personally invests in each sale. Her passion for helping clients means that Brooke Slocum Properties employs a wide array of marketing strategies to help sellers get top dollar for their home. “Buyers today have their first walkthrough online,” Brooke says. “Our team is dedicated to making sure that first impression is a great one!”

In addition to her marketing skills, Brooke is a solid, persistent negotiator. She follows up on every lead and responds to interested buyers’ calls or emails within 5 minutes. One client who moved to the area from Chicago told Brooke that after interviewing several local agents, he chose her for numerous reasons. “A big one was that I knew I wouldn’t want to negotiate against you!” he said.

Having access to these valuable benefits Brooke provides doesn’t cost you more, but it can help you net more on the sale of your home.

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