Meet Brooke Slocum

Brooke Slocum is a highly respected Realtor whose passion for helping people is evident from the moment you meet her. Enthusiastic and trustworthy, Brooke finds joy in getting to know her clients and helping them find that just-right home or sell the one they’ve outgrown.

Devoted to lifelong learning, personal, and professional growth, Brooke is a perpetual student. She continually seeks knowledge and self-improvement through reading books, attending seminars, and meeting with others who share the same passion through Mastermind groups.

But Brooke isn’t all work and no play. She’s steadfast in her love and commitment to her family. As such, she understands the demands of daily life and the importance of having a home. She’s one of four children and loves spending time with her large, close-knit, full-of-fun extended family. (In addition to her 3 siblings, Brooke has 50+ first cousins!) “My siblings are my very best friends,” she says. “We love having a good time together!” As a busy mother with two children of her own, Brooke places a high priority on home and family. “My one wish is that my kids are as tight as we are. I really, strongly believe in family.”

To Brooke, being a Realtor means more than buying and selling houses. Her passion for people means she cares about each of them, their families and their stories. Brooke thrives on understanding clients’ home buying or selling hopes and dreams and helping them achieve them. “It’s never been about how many houses I’ve sold,” explains Brooke. “It’s always been about how many people and families I’ve been able to help.”

Brooke is grateful and humbled by the opportunity to use her gifts to help people with one of the largest, most important transactions they’ll make during their lifetime. “I want to be a person of purpose,” she explains. “I put people first and the rest falls into place. I think my clients really feel that.”

When she’s not working, Brooke enjoys spending time with her husband, kids, and extended family; watching her children play sports; doing cross fit or boot camp workouts with her husband; and traveling to explore new places—especially warm beaches during the cold Michigan winters!

We can’t forget about Cindy.  She comes from an extensive background in insurance and lots working with people and ensuring their experience is the best at Brooke Slocum Properties.

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